Remaining Compliant with CMS Regulations is a Key Responsibility for Many Healthcare Facilities

Taken together, the nation’s Medicare and Medicaid programs account for more than $3 trillion of healthcare spending each year. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that oversees these enormous systems ranks as the single most influential entity by far in the American healthcare system.

Healthcare facilities and organizations that wish to treat patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid have to take great care to abide by all the regulations and requirements established by CMS. Failing to do so can eventually mean becoming disqualified from participation and therefore unable to serve many of those most in need of care. When a CMS assessment of Immediate Jeopardy has been delivered, it will always be important to react immediately and effectively to address the problems responsible.

The Most Severe Admonishment That CMS Delivers

CMS works with healthcare facilities nationwide in a variety of ways that are designed to protect patients and ensure the quality of the care that they receive. When slight lapses become apparent, CMS has a variety of ways of helping facilities and organizations come back into compliance with its requirements and standards.

In some cases, however, CMS representatives will detect failures so significant that they must be addressed immediately in order to keep patients safe. Should even a bit of delay in responding to the problem become apparent, the facility in question could be stripped of its ability to receive Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Recognizing a Serious Problem and Knowing How Best to Respond

Fortunately, there are many resources that facility administrators can make use of to ensure that such serious sanctions will never be imposed. The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination, or AANAC, for example, publishes a manual that is designed to educate healthcare professionals about such dangers and how to recognize, avoid, or eliminate them.

Putting an appropriate training program in place will make it much less likely that an organization will face the loss of certification by CMS. Along the way, this will also mean becoming much better, as an organization, at being able to keep patients as safe and healthy as possible. As a result, most facility administrations consider the creation and maintenance of an effective training program a top priority.


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